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Sanitary Napkins


Special Features of Tenera Lady Pads Perforated Top Sheet
Transfers the Liquid Immediatly isinside the Pad.

Distrubution Layer
Takes away and distrubutes the coming liquid through the absorbation core of the pad and makes you feel dry.

Super Absorbent Core
Converts the Coming Liquid into gel and blocks, helps reducing the odour.

Breathable Outer Layer
It Keeps the air circulation through it micro holes in order to let skin breath.


Tenera Daily Pad

The Tenera Daily Pad, which does not contain paraben, alcohol, nonylphenol, perfume and latex, offers confidence at all times. It is natural for you to be together with cleanliness, freshness, hygiene and comfort not only on special days but every day.


Tenera Lady Long 7 pcs

Tenera Lady Long 24x7 pcs

HC Container Gets; 6000 Boxes

Laoding Quantities May Change +-%7


Tenera Lady Pads 8 pcs

Tenera Lady Pads 24x8 pcs

HC Container Gets; 6000 Boxes

Laoding Quantities May Change +-%7