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Tenera adult diapers provide comfort to adult patients when they need the most confidence, and convenience to their caregivers.


Special Features and Tenera Adult Diapers
WETNES INDICATOR: Tenera adult Diaper Special Feature Yellow Colored triple Strip Wetnes indicator Turns into Blue Color After Getting Wet. So You Can Control whne the Diaper needs to be changed.

Quick Absorption And Distrubution System
The Green Layer Special to Tenera adult Diaper Immediatly Transfers the Liquid to the Inside core and keeps the Skin Dry.

Resealable Tapes For Ideal Fit.
You Can Adjust the Diaper to the Best Comfortable Fit and Control Many times.

Extra Protecting Wide Leg Cufs
Tenera Adult Diapers Special Wide Leg Cufs Gives Extra Safety For Leakage compared Standard Diapers and Protect the Clothes of Bad from Getting Wet Double Layer Core System.
Double Layer Core System transforms the liquid in to gel form and keeps the skin Dry.


Tenera Adult Diaper Medium

Tenera ADULT DIAPER MEDIUM UNISEX 80-115cm Up To 70 KG 16 Pieces Per Pack 6 Packages in a Box

HC Container Gets; 900 Boxes

Laoding Quantities May Change +-%7


Tenera Adult Diaper Large

Tenera ADULT DIAPER LARGE UNISEX 115-150cm 70-130 kg 16 Pieces Per Pack 6 Packages in a Box

HC Container Gets; 900 Boxes

Laoding Quantities May Change +-%7