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With Soft Touch Hair Shampoo and conditioner; your hair looks more stronger, fuller,revitalised,healthy looking shine, silkier.With its new developed formula provides moisture and brightness. 


Soft Touch Shampoo & Conditioner 750 ML

Soft Touch Shampoo Argan oil 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Shampoo 2in1 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Hair Conditioner 12x750 ml

For mix loading avarage 3500 boxes


Soft Touch Hair Shampoo&Conditioner

Soft Touch Shampoo Rose 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Shampoo Olive 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Shampoo Oud 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Shampoo Amber 12x750 ml

Soft Touch Shampoo Menthol 12x750 ml

For mix loading avarage 3500 boxes